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5 Break-up Warning Signs

Romantic relationships are never easy to manage and couples often experience difficulties. The strength of a relationship is often tested in a relationship and while this is not necessarily a bad things, sometimes a relationship relationship cannot take any more pressure. Break up warning signs can be very distinguishable ahead of time but sometimes the decision to break up comes as a shock for those who fail to recognize them.

There are are many things that can send a relationship on the rocks. However, it can be hard to tell the difference between temporary relationship crises that can be overcomed and repeated situations that eventually lead to painful break ups. Especially when feelings are involved distinguishing the facts and solving problems becomes a lot more difficult and confusion often settles in.

Rejection and loss of love are never easy to accept and as a result people can create all kinds of complicated mental scenarios that prevent them from seeing even some of the most obvious break up signs. While each relationship is different there are always some universal signs that announce breakup ahead of time. Here are the most common break-up warning signs:

Frequent fights
While occasional quarrels are completely normal in any couple, frequent conflicts are usually a sign that the relationship starts to deteriorate If fights seem to start of easier than in the past and the subjects become more and more trivial with every fight that is a strong indication that the end of the relationship is close. Before a break up tension increases periodically and partners change their behavior as a result. Partners may start to fight dirty, constantly blaming each other for past and mistakes, targeting each other's weak spots and cynicism slowly starts to settle in. Negative comparisons with other people might also emerge.

A strong desire of independence
Generally independence is a desirable attribute in healthy romantic relationships. Personal space should be respected and maintaining close personal relationships with friends is an aspect that should not be neglected. However, if your partner seems to prefer spending time with his friends instead of you or he is more interested in group activities or double dates than he is in spending time alone with you, the relationship is definitely not on the right track.

Avoiding future plans
Making plans together is a normal activity that happy couples engage in. An avoidance in talking about future plans is generally a red flag that indicates that your partner might not want or cannot picture a future together. Your partner might become nervous at the very idea of making plans together and might try to avoid this subject as much as possible.

Spending less time together
Emotional distance can take many forms depending on its intensity. A partner's unwillingness to spend time together can be manifested very differently from one case to another. Generally when a couple experiences difficulties the desire to spend time together greatly diminishes. Sometimes a partner might try to seem busy out of the blue to avoid romantic encounters.

Going out becomes less and less frequent and routine is the leading word that characterizes the time the couple spends together. At time the jokes that seemed funny in the beginning of the relationship start to lose their appeal or to be down right annoying. A weird feeling that you have somehow become an extra in your partner's life might also emerge.

Diminished levels of intimacy
Public displays of affection are very common at the beginning of the relationship when the love and the passion are at the highest levels. Most couples love public displays of affection (PDA) and are not afraid to express their love. If display of affection but private and public diminish the spark might be already gone. Avoiding sex is another strong indicator that the relationship might be beyond salvage. Loosing sexual interest or suddenly altering sexual behavior is also one of the most obvious signs of cheating.

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